Selection Process


  1. Recruitment & Application Period
  2. Physical Agility Testing
  3. Written Examinations
  4. Oral Board Interview
  5. Complete Background Investigation
  6. Psychological Evaluation
  7. Medical/Physical Evaluation
  8. Division of Sheriffs Recruit Training Academy
  9. Successful Completion of Probationary Period

For more information on qualifications and the selection/training process, please email or call (401) 275-2888.


Additional Information

  • Applicants must successfully pass each event at the physical fitness test.
  • Applicants who pass the physical fitness test will be screened by the Department of Public Safety. Those selected for further processing will be contacted for the background examination.
  • Members of Council 94 will be given preference in accordance with the collective barging agreement.
  • Applicants will have an extensive background investigation conducted by a member of the Rhode Island Department of Public Safety regarding their past employment record, education, criminal history, consumer credit history, community reputation, military service, and overall character.
  • Applicants determined eligible for further processing are administered a written psychological examination, along with a follow-up interview by a licensed psychologist. All evaluations are interpreted by a licensed psychologist retained by the Division.
  • Applicants determined eligible for further processing must pass a complete medical examination and be found physically qualified by a physician designated by the Rhode Island Department of Public Safety.
  • Remaining applicants files are reviewed and qualified applicants are selected to attend the Training Academy.
  • Upon successful completion of the training program, a recruit is sworn in as a member of the Division of Sheriffs or a recruit is placed on a reserve list. After being sworn in as a member of the Division, a 130 working day probationary period begins. Assignments are based on the needs of the Division.