Sheriffs in front of State House

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The Rhode Island Sheriffs do not contact nor solicit money for missing jury duty or other court appearances.  If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from the RI Sheriffs asking you for payment in lieu of arrest or prosecution, please contact our agency directly at (401) 275-2900 to report this incident.

Sheriff's Cap, Badge, Handcuffs, etc

The Rhode Island Division of Sheriffs

is the oldest established law enforcement agency in the State of Rhode Island. The Division is responsible to work in conjunction with the Department of Corrections and all law enforcement agencies to protect and secure all who enter and are served by RI Courts.

Our Responsibilities

  • Judicial security
  • Management of prisoners in the courthouses
  • Inmate transportation
  • Nationwide extraditions
  • Service of writs/summonses
  • Provide mutual aid to state agencies
  • Special details